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Disaster Mitigation Services

We tarp multiple properties at the same time where a hurricane, tornado or wind storm damages neighborhoods.


Emergency Tarp Services

We are your “First Go-to Company” when experiencing roof leaks.


24/7 Stop Roof Leak

If your roof is leaking, we act right away.

“We offer quality tarp services for both residential and commercial buildings. Our team of qualified professionals can help provide you with a temporary solution.”

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Living in NE Florida we’ve seen how quickly the weather can change. As residents, we know how to prepare for a hurricane or for a sudden storm, but after the damage is done is when we really need to find experts, reliable and trustworthy experts. That someone is Roof Tarp Now. We are the experts, lightning strikes, tree branches on your roof, water pouring into your home or garage, we’ve seen it all. We’ve tackled all these issues and more. Our service guys are typically out to your home within hours. Our support staff is knowledgeable, and easy to talk to and  we keep you informed on when our guys will be out and what to expect. Roof Tarp Now is the premier Jacksonville Fl roof company of choice for residential and commercial emergency roof repair, disaster mitigation services, and roof leak restorations. 

We know how important it is to have a reliable, experienced roofing company that will constantly exceed our customers expectations both in the Residential and Commercial Roofing projects.  We have established a loyal customer base throughout Florida and are backed by one of Florida’s most extensive roofing materials companies. Our relationship with Gulf Eagle Supply allows us to deliver our customers the top rated materials their homes need and in turn Gulf Eagle Supply and Roof Tarp Now form the perfect partnership. 

We realize how important a roof is to your home or business. It protects the people inside and the contents you have worked hard to obtain over the years. We know the sooner we solve your roofing problems the safer your belongings will become. 

Roof Tarp Now provides temporary roofing repairs/solutions that will protect your home from further damage.  

Choose the Jacksonville Fl roof company that is staffed by a permanent team of highly trained professionals with extensive field experience. It’s a company that has won accolades from top American roofing and building product distributor, Gulf Eagle Supply, as well as connecting to a loyal and satisfied customer base throughout Florida.

Roof Tarp Service provides temporary roofing repair solutions that are guaranteed to last for as long as required, protecting your home or commercial premises from further damage, and securing the safety of inhabitants, infrastructure, and interiors, and the value of your investments.


Jacksonville roofers. Why is Roof Tarp Now the premier roof repair company in NE Florida?

Roof Tarp Now offers a panoply of reasons why it is the premier roof repair company in Jacksonville Fl. Here’s some of its top recommending features:

  • Company founder, Pavel Morozov, has more than ten years of experience in roof leak repair and roofing in Jacksonville Fl, working to preserve, restore, repair, and rebuild roofs as part of his successful property management venture.
  • Pavel is a Florida Certified Residential Contractor, a Florida Certified Roofing Contractor, and a Certified National Claim Institute Shingle Inspector.
  • Roof Tarp Now has a fleet of commercial trucks for accessibility to all kinds of properties and works with the latest in cutting-edge shingle test tools and drone-empowered capabilities.
  • Roof Tarp Now provides a wide range of roof repair services to Jacksonville Fl residents and businesses, including emergency tarping, inspections and repairs, shingle match, and shingle repair determination services.
  • The company has experience with all roofing types, including shingle roofs, metal roofs, wood roofs, TPO roofs, and flat roofing.
  • Roof Tarp Now responds to all emergency calls for assistance within the hour.
  • The company is a recipient of the Gulf Eagle Supply Presidential Award 2022.

Jacksonville roofing

Roof Tarp Now provides roof inspections by experienced teams, inclusive of Certified National Claim Institute Shingle inspectors. For under $100, you’ll receive a comprehensive on-site roof report containing a detailed account of the roof’s condition, as well as an assessment of any current damage and an estimate for any recommended repair or maintenance work. Reports can be conducted as part of a scheduled maintenance visit or on an emergency basis. Here are some highlight features of a Roof Tarp Now in-site inspection:

  • Roof Tarp Now photo documents existing roof conditions, as well as any incidences of damage.
  • Teams mark discovered damage, ensuring clear and effectual evidence collation.
  • Roof Tarp Now records all measurements in a 3D format.
  • Roof Tarp Now performs on-site repairability assessments.
  • Roof Tarp Now engages in Lab Testing to determine if a client’s shingles can be matched for repair.

Commercial roof repair

Commercial properties, many of which have flat-style roofing, are certainly not immune to having their roofs damaged in inclement weather or through aging and environmental stress. Roof Tarp Now Jacksonville, Fl roofers provide roof leak repair to business premises of all kinds. With heavy-duty commercial trucks, drones, powerful shingle test tools, and an agile team of highly skilled operators, Roof Tarp Now is ready to tackle roof leak repair on any sized commercial property.

Residential roof repair

Roof Tarp Service understands that residents in coastal areas are particularly vulnerable to storm damage and provides emergency roof leak services to Jacksonville beach homeowners, as well as businesses located in Jacksonville beach and surrounding areas. If your roof is made of asphalt shingles, a common choice for homes in the area, the shingles are liable to deteriorate over time. You may find you’re losing granules; often, they become dislodged after ferocious weather. You may also notice shingles begin to curl due to the presence of moisture, and there could be further decay from harsh UV exposure. Schedule a roof inspection with Roof Tarp Now, and our experienced teams will advise on shingle maintenance or repair work.

Slate roof repaired

Slate roofing is a durable and popular choice, and along with stone roofing, it is incredibly long-lasting. It isn’t, however, impervious to damage, especially in coastal areas. If you’re a resident or business owner with slate roofing that requires attention, call Roof Tarp Now for immediate assistance.

Repair shake roof

Wooden shake roofs are an attractive alternative to asphalt shingled roofing. While they generally provide good levels of wind resistance, even shake roofs are no match for some of the more ferocious Florida climate events. Roof Tarp Now teams provide specialized repair shake roof services to all Jacksonville residents.

Porch roof repair

Porches are wonderful al-fresco areas to congregate during warmer weather; they are also potential disaster zones for humans and can pose structural risks to a home if their roofs are not maintained and any leaks or damage attended to immediately, Call Roof Tarp Now at the first sign of a porch roof leak or if there are any other indicators of roof degradation.

Roof leak repair FAQs

Will insurance cover the cost of Roof Tarp Now services?

Please contact your insurance agent regarding any questions you may have regarding insurance.


Engaging a roof inspection report from Roof Tarp Now just for $99 may be the wisest roof leak mitigation plan step you take. Alternatively, if you find yourself in need of emergency roof repair, Roof Tarp Now is available 24/7 to attend to your call. 

Invest in the longevity of your roof and take immediate action to protect property and people during an emergency with Jacksonville’s first choice in roofing solutions, Roof Tarp Now.

Call Us Today, To Provide A Temporary Yet Durable Fix To Your Roof.​

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